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Redding Rug Cleaning ServicesTrust Your Rug to the Redding Rug Cleaning Experts

Few interior cleaning jobs demand more finesse than cleaning a rug. Twice as Nice Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning will treat your rug with the utmost respect and care. Many valuable rugs are composed of old textiles and dyes that are often very fragile.

We will quickly evaluate your rug with a thorough visual inspection as well as run a qualitative analysis of the rug fibers to determine the best Redding rug cleaning methods. This step determines the type of dye used in the rug and whether there is a possibility that the dyes in the rug might bleed.

We then use compressed air to blow all dry and loose particulates out of the rug, leaving only deeply rooted stains and particulates to be removed by the wash process. This simple step removes a majority of the particles and contaminants from the rug.

Cleaning agents are then steam injected into the rug to dislodge stubborn debris. The loosened particulates are then vacuumed out.

This stage disinfects the rug fibers and removes especially stubborn stains and odors.

All cleaning agents are gently rinsed from your rug. The rug is then hung and flushed with a soft water finishing rinse.

After the cleaning process is over, the edges and fringes of the carpet are checked and touched up to remove any remaining smudges or stains.

The results of your cleaning are carefully checked to make sure no spots were missed and/or if any extra cleaning measures need to be taken.

Our goal is to put value back into your rug by gentle cleaning techniques that won’t harm the material. Redding rug cleaning and restoration from Twice as Nice Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a business built entirely on trust.

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